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Music and Songs

We write original songs, music, backing tracks and sheet music for bands, groups, solo performers, theatre groups, playwrights, TV and Film producers, Schools, Colleges or Corporate events. No project too large or small.

Music and Songs

Who are ‘Music and Songs’ ?

I am a musician, composer and songwriter with over 35 years experience as a musician and 25 years writing and composing music. I am a classically trained pianist but have played various other instruments in Orchestras and Pop/Rock bands.  I have also been involved with theatre groups and operatic societies for 21 years, directing, musical directing, writing plays and songs as well as producing the music and sound effects.

The main genres I work in are Pop Music, Musicals and Orchestral scores but can work in any genre.  I have a vast catalogue of songs to choose from but can work with you to create new pieces from original songs in any genre, lyrics, backing tracks, incidental music and sheet music with vocal scores.  There are some examples of each below.

Initial Enquiry:

How much does it cost?

Every request I get is slightly different to the last so all the prices you see are estimates based on how long each project usually takes.  See the rate card for more information.  

For example, for a song already in the catalogue, it would be £5 for the backing track as an MP3/AIFF file along with the full original song with guide vocals and a lyric document.

To write a song from scratch to your remit would be around £100 for a three minute multi-instrumental song.  I charge £10 per hour and it would normally take about 10 hours, incorporating the time taken to write it, collaboration with you on direction throughout the songwriting process, recording and mastering the final product including delivery.  Discounts are available for multiple assignments of course.

I am interested in

Any other information

Please use the form below to ask a question, let us know what kind of individual you are and what sort of music or song you’re interested in.

Incidental Music

Pop Ballad


Orchestral Score

Pop Song

Example songs and music in our catalogue